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Special Market Book Sales
Our Services Include:
  • In-Depth Target Market Research
  • Special Market Sales Promotional Material Development
  • Pitch Letters and Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Comprehensive Feedback Data
  • Complete Sale Consultation
  • Licensing/Discounting
  • Printing Resources
  • Fulfillment/Delivery Services
  • And so much more…
At Jenkins Group, Inc. we consider Special Market Book Sales as vital to the success of your book as its title. Since 1988, we have been revered as the large quantity book sales leader by bringing books and buyers together.

We work closely with authors and publishers to create highly effective post-publication special market service plans. Our services offer a variety of options that help find and place your book into the strongest non-traditional selling channels currently available. Our team concentrates on proven industries that routinely buy large quantities of books that are used as sales and marketing tools including corporations, foundations, book clubs, associations and financial institutions among others. Your goal is our goal; sell more books, and we do everything we can to help make that happen.

Finding new ways to sell your book has been a job with which we have had great success, and our numbers keep growing. To learn more about how our special market sales services can benefit your title, simply fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you very soon, or call 231.933.0445 to speak with someone today! We look forward to providing you with any or all of our special market sales services.
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