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With your book now complete, the eternal question still looms; how can I sell more? The Jenkins Group, Inc. has answered.

Since 1988, Jenkins Group, Inc. has been a custom book publishing agency and marketing service organization that works with individuals, corporations, associations and non-profit organizations. But The Jenkins Group, Inc., is different; we not only publish books, but also sell large quantities of leading titles into non-traditional special market sales areas.

Now you can do the same. No longer will you have to spend hours of your time researching for new sales outlets. The Insider's Guide to Large Quantity Books Sales is an innovative 146-page, PDF publication that allows individual authors and publishers to take advantage of our years of accumulated knowledge and experience. Based on actual JGI client success stories, this in-depth guide is the number one resource for special market sales. It reveals the most effective strategies in gaining attention for your book and getting it sold!

Never before has there been a more comprehensive collection of special market sales information available for purchase. Here's a glimpse of what's included in this extraordinary guide.

Through 146 pages, you will:

  • Find out what companies are looking for when buying books
  • Uncover the contacts of some of America's largest book buying companies
  • Learn the most lucrative areas of non-traditional sales
  • Discover what it takes to succeed in these special market areas

Plus, you'll learn to sell more effectively in these special market sales areas:

  • Find a great list and building a winning direct mail campaign
  • Learn how to push down costs without sacrificing quality
  • Discover how to approach catalog companies and stores
  • Find the most effective way to write direct mail sales letters
  • Gain tips on successful direct mail appeal
  • Uncover new ways to approach trade magazine advertising
  • Develop a better understanding of seminar 'back of the room sales, toll-free 800# selling, infomercials and home shopping channel sales

Learn about big retail selling, warehouse clubs, and distributorships. Uncover the secrets of the growing market of catalog sales. Utilize our full contact list of the nation's leading catalog companies and mail order distributors. You will better understand the ins and outs of structured book sales discounting. Learn how to attract catalog companies through trade show participation. View our major market trade show contact list. Learn the insider's guide to shipping terms, payments and returns. Discover alternate sales opportunities through Internet catalogs and direct marketing magazines.

  • Get the low down on book club sales
  • Learn how to get your book considered for the clubs
  • Utilize the contact information for more than America's leading book clubs
  • Find out exactly what editors are looking for

Find out how companies are using books within their organization. You'll receive a breakdown of corporate incentive markets. Gain useful tips on how to converge on corporate selling. View a complete listing of incentive trade journals and their contact information. Read samples of how corporations have successfully used books to further their brand.

  • Gain insight into specific techniques on how to sell your book
  • Learn about 'letters of agreement and 'title bundling
  • See how subscription and membership newsletters can help gain exposure
  • Find valuable resources for government sales and more

Find out how to prepare your book for gift book distributors. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of non-retail sales. Research our complete contact list of gift show names and numbers. Review our full list of gift book distributors.

  • Realize what it takes to acquire a foreign agent
  • Learn about international publishing rights, translations and royalties
  • Survey our complete list of international distributors and export sales agencies

Books Are Marketing Tools: A Look at How Businesses Use Books

  • Investors in Books; Books as Holiday Gifts
  • Legal Marketing

Quantity Bookselling 101

  • Writing and Publishing for the Network Marketing Trade
  • What's So Special About Special Market Sales?
  • Publishing and Public Speaking Go Hand in Hand

Drafted by JGI attorneys, these documents are ready for you to use right away. They include:

  • Credit Application
  • Letter of Introduction
  • Letters to send with book samples
  • Literary Licensing Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Non-disclosure Agreement for Title Submission
  • Special Market Sales Buyer Contract

Take advantage of our complete contact list of over forty fulfillment-shipping services and major trade wholesalers.

You can spend numerous days and endless hours trying to generate the hundreds of leads needed for special market sales, or you can protect your investment right now by purchasing a copy of the The Insider's Guide.

Don't miss out. The Insider's Guide to Large Quantity Book Sales has become the leading resource for individuals seeking an added boost to their large quantity sales. Order your copy today!

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